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Google Field Trip for iOS

For Apple users, discovering nearby inspiration just got easier

Now available on iOS, Google’s companion for the urban explorer surfaces content from your immediate environs. As a discovery tool for cool locales—something we at CH have a vested interest in—Field Trip is a pioneering program that shows plenty of promise. The app pulls its content from a number of partners including Zagat, Architizer, Dezeen, Inhabitat and Cool Hunting, among others. From San Francisco to Geneva, Field Trip keeps you abreast of the most relevant nearby points of interest.

The experience is not unlike having a local friend show you around, perfect for getting your bearings in a new city or discovering new spots in familiar stomping grounds. Understanding that unrequested content can be occasionally unwanted, the app lets you choose between a high-frequency “explore” setting and the more relaxed “feeling lucky” mode, and you can also turn notifications off altogether. Additionally, preferences can be set according to which sources you’d like to hear from and their respective frequency.

Field trip is available for free in the iTunes App Store.


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