The Modern House

Find a high design residence to buy, lease, or rent for vacation

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Finding a truly spectacular holiday home to buy or rent can be an impossibly difficult, time-consuming task. Architecture journalists Albert Hill and Matt Gibberd have changed that with The Modern House, a U.K.-based real estate site dedicated to design, decor and distinguished homes.

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Created in 2004, Hill (a former writer for Wallpaper and The Times) along with Gibberd (who spent time at The World of Interiors and GQ Style) wanted to create a haven for people looking to invest in homes that stand out for their beauty, style, functionality and enviable landscapes.


In addition to offering homes for sales or rent, The Modern House—like a more selective
Air Bed and Breakfast
—also offers perfect vacation getaways—such as the Palm Springs villa designed by William Cody pictured above—as well as location destinations for photoshoots, TV, film and social events. The site showcases each property with collections of breathtaking images, a brief outline of its main features and commentary on the architect behind it.

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Prices vary from £330 per week for a house in southwestern France with fantastic views to a 3,700-square-foot London penthouse that can be all yours for just over £3 million.

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