Hiut Denim’s Year Book 2

The UK brand's publication celebrates big ideas and the people brave enough to bring them to life

by Emily Bihl


With selvage denim’s ever-increasing popularity, the surfeit of new brands popping up seem to do little to differentiate themselves—but Wales-based Hiut Denim proves to be the exception. The brand’s remarkable yearly publication The Year Book, now on its second installment, is a coffee table-worthy tome that defies categorization. “I genuinely don’t know how to describe it,” says Hiut’s co-founder David Hieatt. “What I do know about it is, it marks our intention.”

Marking intention is a good way to put it. Part magazine and part manifesto, Year Book 2 juxtaposes original art by Norwegian illustrator Bjørn Rune Lie, Jon McNaut, Robin Wood and others with thoughtful essays written by Hiut’s team members and friends on topics as varied as English football leagues and the virtues of coffee. However, if you’re expecting a glorified mission statement, think again. Hiut’s wide-reaching conceptual exploration of what they represent as a brand, as well as their “show, don’t tell” approach, makes Year Book 2 fun and visually engaging.

HiutYearbook2-image1.jpg HiutYearbook2-image-2.jpg

The ideology behind The Year Book is simple, but grand. “Our reason to do it was simple enough: We believe in ideas, in the people who have them. And we should celebrate them—their ideas and their struggles, too.” As a result, The Year Book is a celebration of what Hiut believes is important—hard work, courage convictions, extraordinary ideas and the path to bringing them to life.

Huit Denim’s Year Book 2 is currently available for £7.50 online.

Images courtesy of Hiut Denim