Italian Vogue’s Sustainable January 2020 Issue

After Vogue editors across many international editions declared that the magazine would do its best to “preserve our planet for future generations,” Italian Vogue cut photo shoots—and photos—for its January 2020 issue. In a letter to readers, editor Emanuele Farneti details the embarrassingly long list of people, supplies, and trips needed to complete an issue: “One hundred and fifty people involved. About twenty flights and a dozen or so train journeys. Forty cars on standby. Sixty international deliveries. Lights switched on for at least ten hours nonstop, partly powered by gasoline-fueled generators. Food waste from the catering services. Plastic to wrap the garments. Electricity to recharge phones, cameras,” and so on. Eight different covers, set to release 7 January, will depict painted portraits of professional models wearing painted (or collaged) Gucci garments. Click through to The New York Times to see covers by Vanessa Beecroft and Milo Manara.