Lou Canon: Aurelie (Lido Pimienta Remix)

From Canadian recording artist Lou Canon’s forthcoming remix album, Reimagine The Body (out 26 January), the track “Aurelie” finds Colombian Canadian musician, singer-songwriter and interdisciplinary artist Lido Pimienta transforming the already heightened experimental track from Canon’s 2020 full-length release, Audomatic Body. “I was desperate to hear where this body of work could go in the hands of an eclectic group of artists,” Canon tells us. “Why not aim high,” she adds of the origin of the collaboration with Pimienta. “Lido’s voice is the ultimate authority. She’s bold, she’s brave, she’s bad ass in all the right ways. Lido is an artist in every sense of the word. I was shocked when she said yes. And I love her even more for choosing the one song on the album that seemed the least obvious to reimagine.” Pimienta’s “Aurelie” remix debuts with a voyeuristic, absorbing official music video—one of six for the album done in partnership with art collective Danuta.