Nikon Love Letters to New York

A digital campaign to encourage those living in the Big Apple to share their own beautiful images and messages of appreciation

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When the core of a social media campaign is an authentic request to share love—of all types—even when it’s neatly wrapped up in a brand message, it’s hard to deny the importance. This is precisely what’s drawn us to the new Nikon “Love Letters from the N Line” campaign. To launch it, Nikon, celebrating its 100th anniversary, shared their own open letters set atop iconic imagery of the city that never sleeps. But there’s also a call to action. Nikon asks others to share their own images of NYC and tag them #NikonLoveNY. Those who participate will find their images featured on It’s a beautiful destination site featuring images captured by real people, with genuine love for their city. Further, it can be broken down by neighborhood, offering a more specific visual tour. Nikon’s campaign, photographed on Nikon cameras, highlights reasons why many love New York but a look at any one of the photos posted makes this clear.

#NikonLoveNY is trackable on Facebook, Twitter and, of course, Instagram. Understandably, it can’t be tracked or viewed if your account settings are set to private.

Lead image by Josh Rubin, all other images courtesy of Nikon