Punch The Camera Issue 03

Seven photographers capture an illusive sense of adventure across North America


Adventure, exploration and open spaces are of interest to photographer Justin Parkhurst and that’s reflected in his bi-annual photo magazine,”Punch The Camera.” More like a miniature coffee-table book than a glossy journal, the newly-released Issue 03 pushes Parkhurst’s mission to publish high caliber images even further, offering up a bevy of striking photos with sharp lines and bold moods.

Punch-The-Camera-3-Jim-M.jpg Punch-The-Camera-3-Bryan-S2.jpg

Included on the rather noteworthy roster is internet-famous lensman Foster Huntington of “A Restless Transplant,” action sport industry head Laura Austin and all around creative photographer Jim Mangan. Huntington’s keen eye for photo-worthy circumstances and Austin’s knack for landscape shots play well with one another, while Mangan’s mysterious images of a lone snowboarder in a beautifully unique environment add a certain sense of the unknown.


Not to be outdone, the remaining four photographers involved produced an equally impressive set of inspiring essays. Bryan Schutmaat‘s images from Western mining communities offer beautiful snapshots of a suffering industry, John Kilar‘s curious portraits beg for explanation, each of Kevin Trageser’s vibrant photos tells a story, and Justin Parkhurst‘s capture the raw power of the mountains and the uniquely natural feeling of riding down them. Visit Punch The Camera online to secure a copy for $20.

Studio images by Graham Hiemstra, snowboarder by Jim Mangan and still life by Bryan Schutmaat