The New Artisans

Dossier37's Olivier Dupon explores the handmade revolution in a new book on craft

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A long time buyer, retailer and blogger of artisanal products, Olivier Dupon has turned to print, documenting some of the most talented individuals and mesmerizing products of the handcraft movement. His book “The New Artisans” takes readers into the studios of influential craftsmen as they shape one-of-a-kind items that reflect their personal style. The majority of the book showcases the artisans and their studios (including CH favorite Esque), with the latter part organized as a directory in which products are arranged by type for catalog viewing.

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While the artists often draw inspiration from their region, reviving forms like “Danish porcelain glazing, Norwegian birchwood carving or Portuguese letterpressing,” Dupon insists that all of the artisans “have a creative force that is ingenious and knows no limits.” Dupon sees an intricate connection between the artisans and their customers, explaining that clients “wish to acquire products that have meaning, a singularity and a charge of human work.”

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The book serves well as both a collectible and as a reference guide, featuring a current crop of designers whose products are available online. The book is a must-have for arts-and-crafts types looking for inspiration or those just interested in learning about contemporary handmade production.

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“New Artisans” sells online from Amazon and Thames & Hudson.