Tour de Moon’s Open Call for Radical Young Creatives

Spearheaded by Dr Nelly Ben Hayoun, Tour de Moon is a cosmic festival that seeks to enact pluralistic futures through afterparties, immersive experiences and innovative technology—and it references the moon as a way to take back the satellite from colonial expansion. The festival launches today with an original track—composed of Seun Kuti’s saxophone mixed with “ITT (International Thief Thief),” a song by his father, the legendary Fela Kuti—that will be transmitted onto the moon using Moonbounce, an Earth-Moon-Earth technology. Celebrations also kick off with an open call for creative visionaries (including nightlife workers) aged 18 to 25 (with compensation for roles ranging from £100 to £25,000) to help realize projects inspired by the moon and radical thought. Applications are open from now to 6 January and initiatives will tour throughout the UK next summer. Learn more about the project, listen to track and apply for the bursary at Tour de Moon.

Image of Moon Experiences costume, digital render by Ben Wheele, copyright Tour de Moon