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Premiere: Warhaus’ “The Good Lie”

A sultry track from the new project founded by Balthazar frontman Maarten Devoldere

For over 10 years now, Belgium-based indie rock band Balthazar has been peppering the international music scene with clever, cutting and eerily atmospheric tracks. And while they’ll continue to do so, founding member and lead singer Maarten Devoldere has just unveiled a side project known as Warhaus. Debut single “The Good Lie,” premiering here, offers a glimpse into what we can expect from Devoldere’s solo work. The track smolders with film-noir-like sexuality, reminiscent of Tom Waits both lyrically and vocally, but with the sensuous intermingling of female vocals. The lush, thumping orchestration allows two direct reactions: listeners can either brood mysteriously in a corner or shake their hips like they mean it.

The video translates much of the song’s narrative energy directly—with some choreography thrown in the mix. We asked Devoldere how he felt the song and video united, and how they represented the project altogether. “I was born with the gift of conjuring white doves out of thin air,” he begins, referencing a scene. “Needless to say I make good money from it, and even better, it gets me laid,” he concludes, in some ways referencing the character he plays in the video and, perhaps, his real life persona, as well. Warhaus’ debut album We Fucked a Flame into Being, from which “The Good Lie” is drawn, will be released on 2 September via Play It Again Sam. We can only hope the whole album carries the same psycho-sexual energy.

Images courtesy of PIAS Recordings


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