Wooooo #5


Slightly more grown-up these days, the fifth issue of Wooooo magazine nevertheless continues to further its own special approach to journalism with 11 interviews of various figures from the worlds of art, music, film and skateboarding, including big names, like David Byrne and Parker Posey, rounded out by lesser-known characters, like artist Carlos Valencia. As with previous issues, the main draw is founding editor Jason Crombie's outlandish interview technique, with topics ranging from the hilarious to inane. More often than not, conversations gravitate toward the genitals and other things entirely unrelated to the interviewee's profession. For example, pro skater Jerry Hsu's interview is exclusively related to his missing cat.

Crombie (also a freelance writer) started Wooooo in 2004 as a pocket-sized interview magazine light on images and avoiding the usual declarations of adoration and plugs for upcoming projects. Occasionally highlighting unseen characteristics and often catching interviewees off guard, the result is completely refreshing. Do we really need to know if girls like David Byrne's hairy arms? Probably not. But it’s strangely gratifying to see him squirm.

You can order issue #5 (as well as back issues) on the Wooooo website or find it in a number of bookshops around the world.