420 Gift Guide: Cannabis Connection

Celebrate cannabis culture in several ways

There are countless tales about the origin of 420—with the commonality being that it’s about getting high. As the cannabis industry shows no signs of slowing, we’re excited to see cannabis-related products furthered by both design and science to help the mainstream reduce anxiety and pain and simply enjoy life more. Further, we’re pleased to see more cannabis companies helmed by people of color, women and non-binary people. Nonetheless, to us—from the old school—20 April is about celebrating the effects of smoking or ingesting weed. So we’re eschewing CBD- and hemp-based products in favor of those that are THC-focused—from bongs to books, accessories, apparel, pipes and more. Be sure to browse the full Cannabis Connection gift guide, which is updated regularly.

Voltaire Pipe

Handmade in Portland, OR, the Voltaire pipe ($75) is adorned with 22k gold, making for an elegant one-hitter. Made in small batches, the pipes go through three kiln firings before being finished—each mouthpiece is then overglazed in gold or silver. Available in white, black, green, sage and red.

End The War on Drugs Long-Sleeve T-Shirt

With 100% of the proceeds from sales going to Drug Policy Alliance—an important organization that aims to advance policies and attitudes surrounding drug use and prohibition—this “End The War on Drugs” T-shirt ($45) from Shaw offers a simple, but significant message. With a boxy silhouette, it’s perfect for all genders and sizes and is available from small to XXL.

Ombre Arc Lighter

Available in two colorways (each equally glittery), Tetra’s Ombre Arc Lighter ($25) looks spectacular but is undeniably practical. Not only is it reusable and rechargeable (one USB charge offers about 50 lights), it’s also windproof and airplane-friendly. Button-activated, it’s a contemporary, playful and sparkly take on the traditional Zippo.

Dope Girls Zine

Now available for pre-order, Volume 6 of feminist cannabis culture zine Dope Girls ($20) is focused on the theme “blurry.” From Instagram filters to literal visual impairment, the publication’s various editors and contributors cover all kinds of topics via essays, comics, art and even a map that tracks the USA’s drug laws. (There’s even a “stoner-themed” crossword for word nerds.) Plus, a portion of proceeds are donated to Planned Parenthood Southeast.


Made with super-thin paper, Pure Beauty‘s pre-rolls ($35) are discrete—appearing like a regular cigarette, save for the cheeky side-eye motif. Available in each of the brand’s signature strains, developed in California, each pack holds five .70g premium cannabis flower pre-rolls.

Calla Multi-Tool

This multifunctional two-piece set ($30) is another elevated tool made for tokers. The silver barrel helps with rolling, while the rose-gold poker acts as a filter or packer. Sleek and compact, the two pieces fit together neatly and the set easily fits inside a pocket. Price is in Canadian dollars.

Honor Roller Cap

Sundae School’s “Honor Roller” cap ($42) is more than a 420-friendly slogan. The hat also features a loop on the right-hand side that’s just big enough to hold a joint—or anything joint-shaped. Equal parts silly and practical, this cap is made for summer adventures.


Sweet Leaf Clutch

Featuring a black leather marijuana leaf patch, this denim clutch ($420) comes complete with zippered interior compartments. Measuring 12.5 by nine inches, it’s large enough to store the essentials, and the fringed zip detail makes it all the more extravagant and sophisticated.

Iconic Stash Case

Made in collaboration with Tsubota Pearl, this green croc stash case ($115) is designed to hold six joints. With gold symbols embossed on the front (smiley face, heart, peace sign, crescent moon and Verde’s logo), it closes securely with a clasp. Inside, your goods are kept in place with a hinged guard.


Paraphernalia Papers

With 50 papers and filter tips in each pack, Studio A-OK’s rolling papers ($8) are a psychedelic-tinged alternative to traditional iterations. Along with the ’70s-inspired design, there’s a practical magnetic closure to keep the papers flat and safe inside.

Edibles Cookbook

Perfect for rookie cannabis cooks, Edibles ($18) is 130+ pages of low-dose sweet and savory snacks that are perfect for sharing. Beyond the classic pot brownie (which is included), there are mac-n-cheese bites, sliders, tea sandwiches, cheesecakes, apple crumble and more. The introduction explains all the vital details—from strains to potency, odors and terpenes; to the benefits of various cannabinoids; dosage and equipment. Of course, there are plenty of dairy- and gluten-free recipes too.

Octavia Ashtray

Edmonton, Canada-based husband-and-wife team Concrete Cat makes everything from bathroom countertops to reception desks to ashtrays—all using a concrete base. The octagonal ashtrays, like the Octavia ($220), show off fun experiments in colors and patterns, as Concrete Cat teases out bright pastels, brilliantly bold hues, organic-inspired faux marbling and more—the opposite of what comes to mind when you think of concrete.

Doob Tube

This clever little doob tube ($6) is 100% biodegradable and the perfect size to fit a spliff, while reducing odor and protecting your joint. It can easily be attached to a keychain, necklace or zipper and comes in various designs and colorways (even a glow-in-the-dark option) but our pick is the classic green peace sign option.

Bliss Pen

With 66% THC and 7% CBD, dosist’s Bliss formula ($100) is named so for good reason. Available in a pre-filled, recyclable vaporizer (with no battery required) this particular pen contains 200 doses at 2.25mg per dose. This uplifting strain is made up of 88% cannabinoids and 12% terpenes.

Weed: Everything You Want To Know But Are Always Too Stoned To Ask

Written by Michelle Lhooq and illustrated by Thu Tran, Weed: Everything You Want To Know But Are Always Too Stoned To Ask ($14) is a comprehensive guide to cannabis. There’s a lowdown on how to grow, micro-dose, make Rosin and choose the right strain. Lhooq (a cannabis consumer and writer) has expertise and experience on all things marijuana, while Tran’s playful illustrations make the book undeniably accessible. Ideal for those newer to the world of cannabis, this book is full of useful information.

Smolder Triangle Box

With a sleek design and a touch of kitsch, the Smolder Triangle Box ($68)—made in collaboration by Jonathan Adler and Higher Standards—is an elegant stash box. With a lid that can double as a rolling tray, the dish itself can be used for storage or even as an ashtray thanks to raised edges. Crafted from a durable high-fired porcelain, it’s sturdy.

Four Twenty Candle

This natural soy candle ($30) from Homesick boasts top notes of cannabis, without being overpoweringly herbal. Rather, it’s balanced out with citrus, as well as earthy and lightly camphoraceous scents—thanks to bergamot, cedar, sandalwood, musk and patchouli. This hand-poured candle offers 60-80 hours of burn time.


Images courtesy of respective brands, lead image by David Brandon Geeting for Pure Beauty