Lil Buck + AirPods: Stroll

Conveying the device's functionality through anti-gravity dance

Anyone who has seen Lil Buck dance questions the artist’s relationship to gravity. There’s a surreal fluidity to his movement—both graceful and frenetic. To highlight the magical functionality of their recently released AirPods, Apple tapped Lil Buck for three choreographed videos, set to singer Marian Hill‘s track “Down.” Within, Lil Buck showcases some of his signature moves, not only on the streets (of Mexico City, where the videos were shot) but also the sides of buildings and cars and upside down beneath theater lights. The latter bits are, of course, done with the aid of special effects. Lil Buck’s charisma and the characteristics of his street dancing have been employed to great effect—clearly striking the notion that AirPods let users be active and even defiant. It’s a strong addition to Apple’s long list of solid advertising and it’s worth sharing for both the talent they employ and the clear messaging it conveys about the impressive little earphones.

Video courtesy of Apple