Augusto Silva Gómez Designs the Flor de Caña Legacy Box

The Nicaraguan artist teams up with the rum brand for a nature-inspired limited edition package

One of the world’s best rums, Nicaragua’s Flor de Caña (Spanish for “sugarcane flower”) is known for being a premium spirit made at the base of the San Cristóbal Volcano. Aged naturally, with no artificial ingredients (for example: zero caramel or color, which isn’t uncommon in other rums), Flor de Caña is also made with 100% renewable energy—making it the most eco-friendly rum on the planet.

While it’s known for sustainability and quality, it’s not commonly considered for its packaging design. The brand is immensely patriotic—it’s a family-tradition rum born in 1875—so it makes perfect sense that they asked artist Augusto Silva Gómez to design their new Legacy Box packaging. Bilwi-born, Mina Rosita-raised Gómez paints artworks that truly celebrate Nicaragua and its people. The special packaging has just been released, and we spoke with Gómez about the project, which involved him painting two pieces—taking around three months.

How did this project originate?

Flor de Caña had the “Legacy Edition” project in mind for quite a while. The idea was to showcase Nicaraguan artwork in the packages of the Flor de Caña 12 Years and the 18 Years. They analyzed the work of various artists, I think more than 10, and it was my work they liked the most. Afterward, we began discussing more details about the project and what was wanted specifically in terms of the design. I began working immediately on the two paintings that were used in the packages.

What was the brief—did you suggest focusing on nature?

A key element of Flor de Caña’s plans in promoting its products internationally is also to promote Nicaragua as a country. Nicaragua is a country with a very exuberant geography and it is well known for its lakes, lagoons and numerous volcanoes, many of which are active. Its vibrant geography is Nicaragua’s presentation card to world, as is Flor de Caña, the country’s most exported product. And for me, painting nature is one of my passions.

How is it different or difficult to design for a box, rather than a flat canvas?

It is not that different, but it was definitely a unique experience. I was given some suggestions to keep in mind for the paintings. For example, having the volcanoes be the focus, and that it should be a colorful and dynamic design, which was not an issue for me because that is actually part of my own style of painting.

What do you hope customers get from your design—is there a specific mood or message you want to convey?

I want them to know that they are acquiring something special; I put a lot of enthusiasm into those paintings. When they observe and enjoy my paintings on a product that is renowned internationally, I want their lives to be filled with joy and optimism and I want to awaken their desire to one day visit and experience our country and our culture.

Images courtesy of Flor de Caña and Augusto Silva Gómez