Bamboo Ski and Hiking Poles from Soul Poles

The eco-friendly pole makers aim to expand their hand-built line

On a constant quest to make the ski industry more sustainable, Park City, Utah-based Soul Poles is aiming to reduce cost for consumers and increase its market presence. The brand’s SoulLite campaign—currently funding on Kickstarter—is focused on ramping up production capabilities with new molds, recycled materials for grips, baskets, tips and straps. Aside from the inherent sustainability of bamboo as a material over the status quo aluminum or carbon fiber, Soul Poles are twice as strong as traditional poles and won’t bend after an impact. Plus, Soul Poles add a touch of style and are a nod to the early days of downhill skiing, when the material was used by pioneers of the sport.

Early backers can pick up a pair of Soul Poles’ bamboo poles for just $69 and receive them in time for winter shred sessions.

Image courtesy of Soul Poles