Behind The Scenes at Arc’teryx

Take a look inside the Everyday design team's studio, where attention to detail results in covetable gear

Presented in partnership with Arc'teryx

Many brilliant minds come together for each collection of functional, stylish outdoor gear released by Arc’teryx. To honor some of these people, the brand has been documenting behind the scenes, crafting articles and short films that offer fans a glimpse of the talented teams’ work. To begin, Cut From the Same Cloth introduces us to the Everyday design team and their studio, where innovation takes place every single day.

Edita Hadravska (design manager), Karen Willis (designer), Stella Ho (designer), Kimberly Burgess (design developer) and Shera Ng (design developer) work closely with the product and retail teams to analyze customer feedback, ensuring the product they create meets their needs. Hadravska says, “The creative elements of working within constraints, working with what you have with the consumer at the forefront of your mind, that’s what separates good and bad design… Asking what’s in it for the consumer gives the best guidance.”

This consumer feedback has led to some of our favorite products from the brand’s expansive Everyday category—all of which we adore for their thoughtful and practical details.

The women’s Patera Parka is designed to perform best in cities and features efficient placement of premium insulating material in the right places (which flatters instead of bulks-up) and an adjustable inside draft collar (which keeps cold air and moisture out). Ultimately, it’s super-easy to move around in and looks great while doing so.

The men’s Keppel Trench Coat uses GORE-TEX fabric to buffer against wind and keep moisture out. It’s designed as the perfect piece of outerwear for all commutes—but clever touches like the reflective collar, two-way zipper and split rear are all the more appreciated by those bicycling to and from work. The Keppel Trench Coat and Patera Parka are just two examples of many from Arc’teryx that have mastered form and function for today’s lifestyle.

Though the design team is made up of talented, creative and experienced individuals, there is always room for failure, which Hadravska explains is actually essential when attempting to stay ahead in the industry. “If we’re not failing, we’re not pushing hard enough,” she says. “You learn so much about what isn’t going to be an option. The majority of the things you try fail.” The result of this mindset is substantial research, development, innovation, experimentation and testing. Ultimately, the team’s mission is to solve problems—and that’s how Arc’teryx continues to make some of the most effective and beautiful gear on the market.

Images courtesy of Arc’teryx