Blake Hamster: Release 001


Blake Hamster's first release of shirts combine fresh graphic design with an innovative blend of organic cotton and Seacell, a new yarn with seaweed elements that impart anti-inflammatory and moisturizing agents to the wearer.

The fabric feels like any other tee and produced in very limited quantities (50 per style) with limited circulation, you can be assured that you will be the only one around sporting it. Tailored in Italy by the renowned Confezioni Barbon (they manufacture clothes for the likes of Marni, Jil Sander and Chanel, among others), Blake Hamster follows strict ecological and sociological production guidelines.
A collaborative effort by a network of designers, artists and photographers, the Munich-based group is more of a design collective then just another t-shirt line. While Blake’s release 001 is made up of four male and four female shirts, next time it could be anything from sweaters to a collection of household wares. For more info and to purchase the shirts (starting at €100), visit Blake Hamster Sartorial