Teenage T-shirts

Workaholics' Blake Anderson and wife Rachael Finley offer up '90s stoner vibes in their new label

by Tara Fraser


Conceived as a remedy for the universally known feeling of having nothing to wear— especially for those with a slightly more humorous sartorial taste—the recently launched T-shirt label Teenage is the brainchild of comedian Blake Anderson (perhaps best known as Blake Henderson of Workaholics) and artist, model and fashion consultant Rachael Finley. For the first collection of brazenly designed graphic tees by the husband and wife duo, the line attempts to interpret the year 2013—paying homage to a mish-mash of ideas, including the destruction of Earth, as well as apathy and possibly our favorite, Slurpees.


Drawing on their surroundings, the duo plans to collaborate with several different brands and personal friends in the near future, of which some will be familiar and others entirely obscure. “That is probably when we will start making our best stuff,” joked Finley. Considering the playful, ’90s stoner-vibed wears the label is already producing, this proposition bodes well for Teenage. From psychedelic Ren & Stimpy-inspired graphics to surreal desert scenes, Teenage’s range of printed in America T-shirts can be picked up online for $30.

Images by Graham Hiemstra