CH Edition Morocco: Artisan Project Pop-Up Shop

In an airy, private studio in Fès, our guests were offered access to thoughtfully made objects

Earlier this year, COOL HUNTING’s founders guided 24 readers through various cities in Morocco. This, we believe, expresses the best of COOL HUNTING together in a way that truly must be experienced in person. As one may expect, the CH Edition trip to Morocco was full of special moments and exclusive events. Our time in Fès exemplifies this—from a mountain-top picnic to personalized private tours through the labyrinthian medina (the largest in the world) and time spent with local families. But in addition to visiting people and places offering inspiration, COOL HUNTING organized a private pop-up shop with our friends Artisan Project, showcasing some of the best design from the area.

Founded by Nina Mohammad-Galbert (Alami) in 2011, Artisan Project concurrently looks to history, tradition and craft while also being undeniably contemporary. Working with local craftspeople—from fourth-generation weavers to all-women cooperatives—Mohammad-Galbert designs objects that are not only divine to the eye; they are tactile, sustainably made and fair trade.

Artisan Project not only supports local craftspeople and their families, the brand also helps to keep important traditions and techniques alive. For the pop-up in Fès, Mohammad-Galbert opened her light-filled, airy private studio located in the medina to our guests for an amazing lunch of local favorites and an exclusive pop-up shop. Carefully selected textiles, jewelry, leather goods, vintage silver, hand-carved wood items, accessories and more were on display. Mohammad-Galbert’s blankets, cushions and rugs, each made in collaboration with imaginative local talent, covered the space—all tassels, tie-dye, and pom-poms that begged to be touched.

The diversity of works, artists and craftspeople represented was inspiring to say the least. From lush leather goods made by Fès-based Carmelo Tedeschi (formerly of Martin Margiela) who makes amazing leather goods under the AAA Fès brand (including for our 2017 Omakase collection to stunning woven objects by local fourth-generation master weaver Yihya Alaoui (who began working on his craft at just seven years old), the selected work was inspired, refined and beautiful.

Also represented at the pop-up were wood artisans Mouhcine Khadira and Omar Sassa, whose work shares similarities while being quite stylistically distinct. Both Khadira and Sassa teach at local schools—Khadira teaches at the Artisanal School in Sefrou, where his atelier is also located, while Sassa teaches in both Sefrou and Fès—helping to keep their craft and tradition alive with younger generations. Perhaps a standout of the pop-up was Khadira’s fully functional, full size wooden bicycle—a piece so meticulously made it looks entirely ridable.

Stay tuned for information on how to purchase some of these special pieces online soon.

Images by Cool Hunting