Carbon Steel Utility Knives from Civilware

Single file blades from skateboard legend Geoff Rowley's outdoor-focused brand

civilware-striker-utility-knife-ii-geoff-rowley-1.jpg civilware-striker-utility-knife-ii-geoff-rowley-2.jpg

Wandering through the wilderness, far from civilization, has both inherent benefits and risks. The more remote you get, the more you’ll want gear that’s sure to perform no matter what you come up against. Inspired by his own experience in the desert, professional skateboarder Geoff Rowley founded Civilware with the aim of providing the best possible tools for the outdoors with no compromises on quality, design or customer service. Seated alongside apparel, bedrolls and axes is the undoubtedly attractive Striker II, the brand’s premier knife. Each is handcrafted from a high carbon tool steel. The knife is then heat treated—or annealed—to increase the strength of the blade and turn an otherwise brittle material into one well capable of taking a beating. This combination of process and material makes the knife easy to sharpen and steady on edge.

Entirely handmade in Southern California and equipped with a leather sheath and guarantee of quality, this is one tool you can rely on. Find the Striker II from Civilware where it retails for $150.

Images courtesy of Civilware