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Ferrari Roma Tailor Made, Specially Crafted for COOL HUNTING

A glorious amalgam of Japanese and Italian craftsmanship and style

In 2019 we were invited by Ferrari to participate in their Tailor Made customization program with the encouragement to expand and explore the use of colors, materials and finishes further than the luxury automaker has ever done before. We had just returned from our CH Japan trip, and as we were still inspired by indigo and traditional Japanese crafts we decided to bring some of the artisans in from our Omakase collaborations to help create our dream car.

The video we share here tells the story of how we transformed our inspirations and passions into a Ferrari Roma unlike any other. We didn’t begin our journey with the intention of creating an Italian-Japanese love story, but we most certainly ended it that way.

The Ferrari Roma Tailor Made, Specially Crafted for COOL HUNTING conveys the nuance of craft we employed and the ease of our partnership with Ferrari. After years in development, we’re so excited to share this project—especially as it makes appearances in the US until it ends up with one lucky owner.

We’ll be sharing stories celebrating the work and contributions of each artisan in the coming weeks.

Hero image courtesy of Ferrari 


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