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FvF Apartment, Berlin

The online lifestyle magazine launches a physical showcase with Vitra


International interview-based magazine Freunde Von Freunden (FvF), which chronicles creatives across all fields in their home and work environments, has made a leap from the digital world to the tactile. Only, this isn’t a new print edition—it’s a physical space in Mitte, Berlin designed with sustainable urban living in mind. The FvF Apartment, put together in collaboration with Swiss design and manufacturing brand Vitra, bears all the attributes expected from a publication that excels at creative exploration and a brand known for innovative interiors. It’s beautiful, inviting and inspirational.


Co-founder Tim Seifert explains, “We started the online magazine in 2009 with the idea of featuring international local creative communities.” He notes that whenever FvF brought their friends together with those they feature on their site, creative collaboration blossoms. With that in mind, Seifert and the team thought tackling a physical location would be a logical step to take down the line: “We thought, if we find a good partner, we could create a new extension of our work, existing in the real world and including the community we built for the magazine.”


“The idea was to create synergies,” Seifert continues. “A lot of the people we show in the magazine are involved with interior design, product design and photography—all of this will take place within the space.” It is a real life extension of their online magazine, and the greater creative community in Berlin. But Seifert acknowledges this is just a start and as the publication is borderless, they hope to launch similar spaces in other cities.

The partnership with Vitra was fundamental. They approached FvF with an understanding that the publication does not do classic advertising and a desire for new ways to access the Berlin creative scene. Vitra had an immediate understanding of FvF’s goals and saw the space as more than a location to display products. “There’s a natural connection,” Seifert explains. “This was about creating an authentic surrounding. There’s a vision. It isn’t a superficial showroom.” The space is designed to be used. In fact, friends of the site, both local and international, have been invited to stay over and spend the night. Guests are welcomed, and dinners and workshops will be held there. Having documented the way creativity works in locations, it makes perfect sense that FvF not only have a space, but share it with the world.

Images courtesy of FvF


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