The Ripple Series from Haand Ceramics

Brighten up the table with naturally shaped, asymmetrical dishes, handmade in NC


If you’re on a search for high-quality wares to set the table with that are minimalist enough to match any mood and decor but are unusual enough to be memorable, look no further than Haand Ceramics. Founded in 2012 by childhood friends (now business partners) Chris Pence and Mark Warren, the modest operation designs, creates and fires their functional porcelain wares—with an aesthetic described as “farmhouse futuristic”—under one roof in Eli Whitney, NC.

New for fall is Haand’s Ripple series, consisting of stacked asymmetrical plates that recall the repeating dimples made by tossed pebbles (or summer rain) on the surface of a lake. “If you continue to watch, and the pool is still enough, the waves travel back from where they impacted and move towards the center—changed from their contact and no longer circular. If you can read the language, the waves are telling the story of the space they traveled in,” Pence and Warren write in their description. This tableware preserves that fleeting moment, over the course of a meal.

Haand-1.jpg Haand_2.jpg

It’s easy to tell that Pence and Warren have a penchant for playing with shapes. The brand offers ergonomically minded coffee mugs and saucers, colorful ice cream bowls designed to aid in the consumption of each and every last drop, and a Square + Triangle set sure to charm guests.

Haand Ceramics dishware and more can be purchased from their website. All products are lead-free, and dishwasher- and microwave-safe.

Images by Shaena Mallett, courtesy of Haand Ceramics