Poster II, The Hustler

Designer Joey Roth breaks down the art of making things happen


According to multidisciplinary designer Joey Roth, a hustler is someone who creates something from inspiration, mediated by an uncompromising picture of reality, then launches it with precision into the world. To illustrate this archetype and the processes behind it, Roth’s new letterpress poster upacks the “Hustler” column from his first infographic with a rather pointed message, using the visual metaphor of a modern rifle round.


While his first chart outlined three types—charlatan, martyr and hustler—in a graph measuring levels of talk versus work, the focused second edition zeroes in on that archetype Roth feels is most evenly distributed (as opposed to the charlatan’s all talk, no work and the martyr’s reverse all work, no play model). On the new poster, the short list of steps indicate the path the hustler’s project must follow. Roth feels each component is directly affected by one’s own interests and capabilities in conjunction with the acceptance of life’s unpredictability—represented by inspiration and discipline. A hustler must also understand the risk of their not landing on the right ears once launched, requiring a certain level of humility in the face of whatever may come.

“Design your project to cut through apathy and reach those who will appreciate it, but realize that once it’s in the world, its success and failure are no longer yours. Temperature, dew point, and Earth’s rotation affect a bullet’s flight as much as the shooter’s intention,” elaborates Roth.


Ascribing to the same dimensions as his archetypes print, the new poster measures 11″ x 17″ with half-inch borders. Also like archetypes, the poster is printed by Dependable Letterpress on 32# Lettra text weight stock. The warm white paper lends what Roth refers to as a “soft, fabric-like” feel.

Poster II is limited to just 1,000 editions. Find it directly from Joey Roth online for $35.