Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Heat-reactive wallpaper, hacker survival kits, Barcelona's museum of inventions and more in this week's web round-up


1. Ads Worth Spreading

The 10 winners from TED’s Ads Worth Spreading competition prove that, if done right, commercials can be a compelling way to share information or promote products worth publicizing. Each two-three minute long intelligent ad runs after TED talks as a way of reversing the trend of online ads forced on viewers.

2. Museum of Ideas and Inventions

Barcelona’s highly-anticipated Museum of Ideas and Inventions officially opened recently. With four different sections over two stories—connected by a spiral slide—the institution will be home to both permanent and temporary collections that show how innovation can improve the quality of life.

3. Porter and Isaora Limited Edition Backpacks

Technical details like waterproof zippers and padded laptop pockets make this collaboration tough enough for city streets, while ballistic nylon, leather and Schoeller fabric give it enough polish for the boardroom (and a price tag to match).

4. Shi Yuan’s Reactive Paint Projects

London-based designer Shi Yuan recently posed two new concepts for home decor, “A Painting with Feelings” and “Heat Sensitive Wallpaper.” The painting reacts to the human touch by changing color, while the floral wallpaper responds to heat by growing blossoms.


5. Sophnet Blazer Mid AB TZ

Someone finally made Blazers without swooshes and the result is a clean look in premium materials with a waterproof side zipper. They’re available in canvas or leather from select stores including Long Beach, CA’s Proper.

6. Dinevore

Dinevore Beta recently launched, giving users a new utility for choosing where to eat. Based on friend recommendations as opposed to crowd-sourced restaurant reviews, the site allows you to follow friends’ (or critic’s) feeds and see the food they are enjoying or interested in. You can also share you own food likes and desires, letting friends give their input on your choices.

7. Minitronics: Survival Pack

The Minitronics Survival Pack from the Maker Shed is an essential for any hacker on the go. With a huge list of electronic components packed into a mint tin, it offers everything you need to hack, build or alter electronic components on the move.


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