Link About It: This Week’s Picks

A Rube Goldberg photobooth, superhero art and craft-brewed ginger beer in this week's look at the web


1. Rube Goldberg Photobooth

The work of two Pratt MFA students, this project takes a Rube Goldberg machine and adds an inventive punchline to the perennial favorite.

2. HTI Hydro Pack

“Like an empty Capri Sun pouch with powdered nutrients inside,” the HTI Hydro Pack offers residents of flood-prone African communities a way of obtaining pure drinking water when disaster strikes. The pack is a filter that can be dropped into any water source and 8 to twelve hours later it is filled with potable, fortified water.

3. Le Baladin Sodas

Following in the footsteps of microbrewing in the U.S., small-scale Italian beer-making has recently been undergoing its own renaissance. Now Le Baladin, known for their seasonal, locally-sourced ingredients, are following in the footsteps of stateside brewers like Abita too with their new line of sodas, of which the ginger flavor is rumored to be a standout.

4. The Miner and A Major

Three Brooklyn architects found an artful solution to joint living with their live-work loft in Brooklyn’s Greenpoint neighborhood. The trio crafted five thoroughly insulated bedrooms inside the massive space, each outfitted with a desk, bed, and storage, naming it The Miner and A Major for the abstract faces the architects found in the facade.


5. Superheroes Art Prints

Society6 commissioned a group of artists to compose their “Superheroes” series, a collection of portraits
inspired by classic exceptional characters. The work will be shown 6 May 2011 at San Francisco’s D-Structure gallery.

6. Castor Design at Ventura Lambrate

Of the multitude of design objects descending on Milan this week, the lighting by Canadian firm Castor Design (repped by Cool Hunting favorite Matter in NYC) at Ventura Lambrate makes the event even more of a can’t-miss.

7. Bicycle Titanium Playing Cards

Bicycle has set the industry bar for playing cards
and now they’re taking it up a notch. Their new limited-edition Titanium Edition cards are true to the classic
Rider Back design but utilize special metallic inks to give them
exceptional shine and color.

8. Focus on the Future

Photography legends Magnum and Leica recently teamed up for an outstanding series of independently-produced multimedia projects that put Magnum photographers in the field with Leica equipment to fully capture the “insatiable curiosity” of the lensmen with some of the best cameras to date.