Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Olaf Breuning's boobs, Twitter scatterplots, skin writing and more in this week's look at the web


1. I Can’t Stay

Miami native and now dreamy NY based R&B musician Jesse Boykins III just released the music video for I Can’t Stay. It’s the latest track off the young crooners album Way Of A Wayfarer, worth a view just for his wondrous hair.

2. Bergenz Festival

Get ready for a mind-blowing, floating culture fix this summer. The annual Bergenz Festival takes to Switzerland’s Lake Constance to stage wildly re-imagined performances for “Opera on the Lake.” Since 1946, the flamboyant festival has floated tricked-out jumbo sets on massive barges for traditional opera scores, elevated to fantastical levels.

3. Pantone Ornaments

Black Friday can’t come soon enough for the folks at Pantone, who have released a colorful array of Christmas tree ornaments to brighten up your living room this winter.

4. Boobs and Flowers

Whitney Biennial artist Olaf Breuning relives his teenage fantasies with a beautifully executed video comprised of nothing more than simple shots of boobs and flowers floating through space.


5. Mourir Auprés De Toi

Book covers come to life and get down to business in this short from Spike Jonze (Adaptation, Where the Wild Things Are). French designer Olympia Le-Tan uses her skills to animate the felt characters, who prance mischievously around the shelves of the historic Shakespeare & Co. bookstore.

6. eleMMent RV

It may look like something out of a Pixar film, but the futuristic, ultra-luxe eleMMent “palazzo motor home” is actually based on a Luigi Colani truck prototype. Besides the obvious leaps in design features—the 500-square-foot interior features glow-in-the-dark paint, a sky lounge with fog machine and a fireplace—the camper boasts a 20-percent increase in fuel efficiency over its old-fashioned counterparts. It’s available to order from Marchi, so consider it for the ultimate road trip.

7. Skin Writing

Due to a skin disease artist Ariana Page Russell gets inflamed at the lightest scratch. Embracing the condition she uses her body as a canvas, creating visually stunning and slightly unsettling living art work.

8. What’s Up

Taking word clouds to a new level is What’s Up, a digital scatterplot that tracks a Twitter subject tag’s popularity (y-axis) and longevity (x-axis). #whatsascatterplot?


9. FriendsWithYou + Hello Kitty

Just when you thought Hello Kitty couldn’t get any happier, the loveable Sanrio character joined forces with Miami’s FriendsWithYou for a collection of colorful products that span iPhone and laptop cases, keychains, limited-edition T-shirts, a rolling travel case and classic Sanrio stationery items like erasers and pens.

10. NASA for Virgin Galactic

After bringing the Space Shuttle Program to a close earlier this year, NASA has signed a $4.5 million, three-mission contract with the commercial airline. It’s a partnership that may seem jarring to those who grew up idolizing the space program, as a lucky few tourists and NASA-sponsored research groups take turns aboard the suborbital flights on Virgin.

11. Pact Socks

Made in Turkey in an eco-factory that runs on 100% wind power, the newly launched Pact socks are much like their underwear—sustainably made, super soft and great fitting.

12. GroundBot

A Swedish company is looking toward the future with their new invention the GroundBot. The rolling robot is made of a weather proof polycarbonate, can operate on almost any terrain and is remote controlled so its two cameras offer a wireless 3D view into any scenario.