Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Link About It: This Week's Picks


The upshot of Internet wanderings by CH’s editors and designers over this past week, our list ranges from a hybrid vacuum-boombox to sculptures that radically reimagine the concept of the bust.

1. Journey to Zero
TED conference founder Richard Saul Wurman and automaker Nissan joined forces t produce Journey to Zero as a way for creative and inspirational thinkers to share their ideas on the future of zero emissions vehicles. The stunning website features various videos, images, articles and projects as well as some downloadable DIY projects for grassroots word-spreading.

2. Shiloh Farms: Sprouted Goodness Mixes
Goodlifer’s hunger-inducing review of Shiloh Farms’ new Essential Eating Sprouted Spelt Pancake and Waffle Mix (which use organic and sustainable ingredients) makes the results look and sounds like a delicious.

3. Sculptor Nick van Woert
Brooklyn-based sculptor Nick van Woert’s incredible portfolio beautifully toys with notions of perception.

4. Showtime iPhone App
This new and simple free iPhone app helps track favorite TV shows and find out about upcoming episodes.
via Surfstation

5. Book: The Making of Fantastic Mr. Fox
Take a peek inside the new book that details the painstaking process of making Wes Anderson’s “Fantastic Mr. Fox” by the famous Pentagram design studio.
via Volts, Amps, and Ohms

6. Olympic Torch Relay Photo Essay
The Olympics tend to conjure images of athletes slaloming, racing and skating through subzero temperatures. This photo essay from The Boston Globe provides a refreshing antidote in beautifully shot pictures of the Olympic flame, from its lighting in Greece to the communal journey through Canada.

7. Electrolux “Silence Amplified” iPod Vacuum
Building on their UltraQuiet machine, Electrolux just launched a vacuum with a built-in iPod dock and speakers.
via Engadget

8. Den Der
Documenting a 1969 Danish sex experiment, these photographs capture plenty of vintage body hair with artsy compositions in grainy black-and-white. The Flickr set features scans of every page.
via Paris-LA

Contributions by Miriam Brafman, Ami Kealoha, Maggie York-Smith and Evan Orensten