Mogo by Focal Upright

A portable, upright travel seat for active sitting


At only two lbs., furniture maker Focal Upright’s new Mogo seat is fully collapsible, entirely portable and—perhaps surprisingly—downright comfortable. It goes from transport mode to standing position in two easy steps, transforming from a light and tiny attached two-piece set into a chair. Its adjustable height pole allows for setting the right position and its base has a reversible nub for variations in hard and soft resting surfaces. Being positioned half way between sitting and standing begets a type of active placement—there’s no slinking back and this does hone one’s focus.


If you aren’t up for being traditionally desk-bound, it’s a great option. It encourages correct posture, but allows for swiveling. It’s designed—when your legs and the stem form a triangle with the floor—to situate your hips at a 135 degree angle, setting your spine in a neutral, natural placement. It pairs well with standing desks, but is light enough for travel or even carrying to impromptu meetings. It allows for an almost unexpected amount of mobility.

The Mogo is available for $100 through Focal Upright’s online store.

Photos by Nara Shin