Palo Samko

Sinewy surrealism handcrafted from reclaimed Brooklyn wood


Palo Samko
‘s impressive showing at ICFF has created a high level of buzz, and rightly so. Working out of his Brooklyn Navy Yard studio, Samko has been hand-crafting furniture and other housewares for years, lately turning out a whole new array of clocks, lamps and mirrors.

Palos-image2.jpg Palos-image3.jpg

By integrating metal with wood in several of his creations, Samko brings an intriguing element to woodworking and furniture-making in general. His latest and most interesting clock designs, the Salvatore Clock and Dali’s Clock, give a three dimensional nod to famed surrealist Salvador Dali and look just as stunning (and confusing) lying flat on a table as they do hanging on the wall. Also worth noting is the Walnut side table and its elegant, hand-cast bronze legs. The craftsmanship and creativity in these three pieces alone brings something new to the often stale market of furniture design.

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Sustainable practices and unconventional designs are central to Samko’s production process, using salvaged wood from surrounding neighborhoods as much as possible. When asked about the approach, the designer points out that reclaiming joists and structural beams from old demolished buildings is a great and underused resource. As an active collector of unique antiques, he often incorporates findings into his work to create completely one-of-a-kind (and sometimes interactive) pieces.

Larger tables start at $8,000, going up from there depending on size, material and details, while clocks run $300-850, and mirrors start at $650 depending on diameter. Contact Samko through his site for details.