Watermelon-Inspired Design


A few cheeky watermelon-themed products we happened upon recently got us thinking about the summer fruit as a source of design inspiration. While homer-watermelon-large.jpg

Keep Watermelon Homer
With a slim profile, terrycloth interiors and Keep's comfy padded sole, this new sneaker has the basics we like about the brand and offers an interpretation on a watermelon with a polka-dotted pink toe and bright green vamp. We especially like design details like the contrasting tongue in the pink fabric and the punchy white accents. It's available from


Watermelon Toenail Art
In spite of their size, there's something undeniably cute about watermelons—especially in the form of ten tiny toenails. Fortunately, Dragonfly Nailz, makes getting them easy with their kit of fakes that includes a full set (24 in all, including different sizes) and glue. They're available for $30 from