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Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream

“Cow to cone” ice cream from America’s heartland


Family owned and operated, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream’s‘ bold seasonal and signature flavors are a neo-cottage industry success story. The American-style, artisinally-blended ice cream truly lives up to the name. Made from a combination of homegrown ingredients and whole cream from the freely grazing cows at nearby Snowville Creamery, every batch is “pasture to table, cow to cone” fresh.

While picking favorites among flavors like a milk chocolate flecked with single-origin Askinosie chocolate or a spicy coconut and peanut concoction takes some tough palates, after some serious taste-testing we narrowed in on a few.


“Salty Caramel” quickly disappeared after the container’s seal was broken. The creamy consistency delivers rich vanilla notes and a smooth caramel finish, described by some CH tasters as phenomenal.

Jenis-BE300.jpg Jenis-IS400.jpg

Another overall winner, Jeni modeled “Buckeye State” after Ohio’s classic chocolate-and-peanut butter treat. Rich but not overpowering, the peanut butter tones blend seamlessly with strong dark chocolate to create a perfect balance of salty and sweet.

“Influenza” sorbet earned a nod for a wild taste and its unusual flu-fighting mission. With intense flavors—including cayenne pepper, Marker’s Mark bourbon, honey, lemon, and orange juice—this nurturing mix has everything you need to make you better whether you’re sick or not.


To get your hands on a freshly-prepared pint, use Jeni’s store locator to find these delicious flavors and more in supermarkets across the U.S., or swing by one of their four (soon to be seven!) Ohio locations. If you happen to live far from a supplier, Jeni’s ships door-to-door nationwide as well.


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