John & Kira Chocolates


Known for pioneering "Project Mintpatch," a student run urban garden at schools in Philadelphia (and more recently Chicago), John & Kira Chocolates put their socially-conscious values and commitment to quality at the forefront of what they do. Husband and wife chocolatiers John and Kira Doyle mix John's foodie background and Kira's degrees in education, forming a company that makes artisinal chocolates by supporting small, organic and biodynamic farmers in the U.S., Mexico and Sri Lanka.

The result are square-shaped chocolates filled with infused ganaches—flavors range from Bergamot to Lemongrass—with a melty smooth texture that's neither runny nor like the thick centers of traditional chocolates. Enrobed in a thin layer of dark chocolate, all (except for the surprising freshness of the Drew Elementary Garden Mint) are subtly infused with the various extracts John and Kira have sourced. The Lavender Honey in particular benefits from this light touch. Packaged in a simple wooden box wrapped in a sumptuous ribbon, an assorted box starts at $28 for 15. Heart-stamped golden sealing wax (pictured) make the Valentine Collection a good choice for a sweetheart. They're available for purchase from John & Kira.