Leighton Brown Crisps

Eco-friendly snacks made with parsnips and Manuka honey

manuka-crisps1.jpg manuka-crisps2.jpg

In 2009, Cara Leighton approached a couple of her restaurant-savvy friends to help create parsnip crisps with Manuka honey—a bold, flavorful syrup produced from New Zealand’s Manuka trees. While Leighton started out doing prep-work and cooking in her own home, the crew have since moved the company,
Leighton Brown, to a production factory in Staffordshire, where their tasty crisps are made using all-natural ingredients—many of them sourced locally in the English countryside.

Taking an eco-friendly approach to mass production, Leighton and her team fry the crisps with sunflower oil, the remainder of which is later recycled into bio-fuel. The crisps are also made without any preservatives, and are hand-seasoned to taste, making for an especially high-quality artisan snack. Most importantly, they taste great and make a crunchy, satisfying snack. While Leighton Brown crisps are currently available in one flavor, the company will launch Sweet Potato with Smoked Cheese and Jalapeño editions this December.

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