Not Your Father’s Ginger Ale

The makers of boozy root beer try their hand at a new equally boozy, spicy soda

With Superbowl Sunday taking place this weekend, you might already be thinking about what snacks and drinks to serve. Between the ice bucket of canned light stuff and six-packs of choice craft beer brewed in North Carolina or Colorado, there’s an alternative for those who want something sweet, punchy and alcoholic. And it won’t get you trashed before the halftime show. Not Your Father’s Root Beer, the sole debut product from Wauconda, IL-based Small Town Brewery, started a product category ruckus as consumers appreciated the 5.9% ABV kick to the classic soda. It resulted in big shots releasing their own versions of boozy root beer (for instance: Best Damn Root Beer and Coney Island Hard Root Beer), as they saw Not Your Father’s Root Beer exploding in popularity.

Late last year, Small Town released their second product: Not Your Father’s Ginger Ale (with the same 5.9% ABV) and it’s likely to cause a similar stir among fans. The strong sweetness and invigorating kick of ginger masks the alcohol, and helps makes a doubly spiked Dark and Stormy in seconds. Though both the root beer and ginger ale lean more toward soda than craft beer, they make for a surprising sweet treat when the craving comes. It’s great having more options at the serving table than beer, cider and wine.

Find a six-pack at a fine foods store near you via their store locator (as Pabst is its national distributor).

Images by Cool Hunting