Sixpoint Brewery’s Juice-Based RAD

A refreshing blend of beer and citrus fruit juices in a highly drinkable 3.2% craft radler

Sixpoint-RAD-can.jpg Sixpoint-RAD-2.jpg

For a craft beer-based take on the infamous Brass Monkey, Sixpoint Brewery recently introduced RAD, a tangy concoction of fruit juice and beer. Inspired by a 50-50 blend of lemon soda and beer originally created to quench the heavy thirst of cyclists at a busy biergarten outside Munich in 1922, RAD is the first in a new category from Sixpoint called “Cycliquid.” A deep orange color and sharp, citrus-y flavor profile make the radler best suited to hot summer afternoons and evenings. And with an ABV of just 3.2%, you’ll be free to liberally sip without running the risk of accidentally getting too loose.


Find more information on the story behind RAD and its newly coined category at Sixpoint Brewery online. And to get your hands on a 16oz can of RAD, check the Sixpoint Beer Finder.

Photos by Graham Hiemstra