People’s Pops


by Laura Neilson

This weekend marks the second season of People's Pops, frozen popsicles reinvented with gourmand flavor combos, at Fort Greene's Brooklyn Flea market (, as well as a first-time appearance at Sunday's Brooklyn Indie Market in Carroll Gardens . The NYC-based popsicle purveyors offer the local farmer's market's freshest bounty, condensed into the form of a simple and nostalgic summertime staple.

Unlike the artificial colors and flavors of most frozen treats on a stick, People's Pops' feature seasonal fruits (and the occasional vegetable) mingled with herbs and other natural ingredients, such as yogurt and honey, to create inventive blends like peach, chamomile and honey; watermelon, cucumber and hyssop; tri-star strawberries and cream; blackberry, yogurt and honey; and sugar plum and mint.

True to the brand's name, the classic ice box-style popsicles were a popular and delectable addition to last summer's food vendor lineup (not to mention a refreshing example of the local foods movement).

As a nod to the greenmarket's recent profusion of rhubarb, this weekend's flavors will include strawberry and rhubarb; strawberry and buttermilk; and rhubarb and elderflower.

Popsicles are all around $3 and shave ice is also available for $2. Visit People's Pops for more information.