Shagnasty Honey

Hand-harvested natural nectar and other treats straight from Kauai

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Apiarist Oliver Shagnasty treats his bees like people. Originally caught in the wild, his “employees” produce an all-natural honey on his small farm on the Hawaiian island of Kauai (thankfully free of the varroa mite that plagues the bee population).


Shagnasty, though harvesting honey there since 1975 and one of the two most successful beekeepers on the island (it’s a popular hobby there), keeps his operation small with a hands-on farming approach. Extracting honey using the “brush method” yields a clean and consistent product each and every time. The upshot is a selection of raw honeys and nut honey spreads packing a seriously sweet punch, made especially unique as the only honey that we know of that’s made by bees who feed on coffee plants.


Of Shagnasty’s four honeys and spreads we tried the raw honey and the macadamia nut honey spread. The rich raw honey tastes as delicious drizzled on granola as it does sweetening up morning coffee. A glam take on peanut butter, the macadamia nut blend is a sweet-and-salty spread, deliciously at home layered thick across a crip piece of toast.

Shagnasty Honey sells throughout the island of Kauai and is available for mail order via phone or email for those not fortunate enough to call Hawaii home.