Soma 10-Cup Water Filter Pitcher

Sustainable, stunning and now fit for a full household


Every so often a design for a common object resonates and forces us to rethink items often dubbed basics. The water pitcher is a common ware for interpretation, with memorable iterations by designers from Tom Dixon to Antonio Aricó. Fewer stunning designs in this category however incorporate filtration systems. San Francisco-based Soma captivated the design community when they launched in 2012 with their handsome Chemex-like water filter carafe. Now the brand presents their more family-sized offering with their 10-Cup Water Filter Pitcher. A sustainable white oak handle lends texture to the design while the cone-shaped filter is a nod to the brand’s original hourglass design. A plant-based outer material coupled with the coconut shell carbon filter add to the reduced environmental impact of the plus-sized Soma.

The Soma 10-Cup Water Filter Pitcher is available now for $40. With each purchase, Soma supports water projects around the world via Charity Water.

Images by Cool Hunting