Three New Juice Spots in Berlin

Nourishing beverages for all your health and hangover needs in the German capital

by Shawn Thomson

With the juicing craze already in full swing around the world in cities like New York, Sydney and London, Berlin was a little slow to the game. The German capital has stepped up however with the arrival of three new cold-press juice vendors serving up delicious concoctions everyday. Cold-pressed juice is unrivaled for delivering all the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and enzymes the body needs to increase daily energy, strengthen the immune system and help maintain a vital internal balance. Whether you’re living in Mitte, Kreuzberg or in a remote district outside the S-Bahn Ring, Berliners can now maintain that healthy glow that comes from fresh juices and nourishing smoothies. (A shot of fresh wheatgrass is also the perfect remedy for the hangover that inevitably follows one of those hedonistic, long party weekends Berlin is known for.) Here are three of the best new spots to get juiced in the constantly evolving city.



Born in the German countryside in the picturesque Uckermark, wild.kräuter is the idea of three friends, Christian, Flo and Nikola. Kräuter has been supplying Berliners with a cold-pressed juice for some time but, until recently, only by delivery. Last month they opened their first flagship store in the bustling neighborhood of Kreuzberg on the beautiful Graefestraße, and locals couldn’t be more thrilled. The juices and smoothies are raw, vegan and organic, and can be made to order at their website. A highlight is the Grünzeit—a gorgeous blend of pear, beetroot, cucumber, celery, romaine lettuce, parsley and lemon. Fresh wheatgrass is also available daily and many of the recipes include wild grown herbs collected by the owners themselves.


Los Angeles Cold Press

Started by two sisters who, after moving to back to Berlin from time spent in California, were frustrated by the lack of daily juice options in the German capital, Los Angeles Cold Press brings the best of the healthy lifestyle to Berlin with a wide range of nourishing cold-pressed juices, life-boosting superfood smoothies, creamy nut milks, helpful herbal tonics and health elixirs. Their hand-crafted gourmet juices are 100% organic, using ingredients that are locally sourced and sustainably farmed. LA Cold Press offers one, three or five day cleanses with specialty recipes like Mr Cilantro (cilantro, celery, apple, leman and ginger), Bloody Beets (blood orange, Valencia orange, beets and ginger) and Silky Nut Milk (almonds, cashews, filtered water, maca, vanilla and sea salt). All are composed to flush, detoxify, hydrate and nourish the body. Their website and online shop will be live later this month, until then you can find select LA Cold Press juices at The Barn Specialty Coffee Roasters in Berlin.



The newest kid on the block, Daluma is located in the heart of Mitte on the trendy Weinbergsweg. The shop serves a range of innovative raw and organic juices like Run, Forest (fennel, celery, apple, spinach, cucumbers, ginger, lemon, parsley and mint) and Pink Fuel (grapefruit, carrot, cabbage, almond milk, coconut water, chia and coconut pollen), all made daily on site using the Goodnature X1 R3 commercial juice press. Additionally, Daluma offers a range of fresh salads and smoothies (the Smooth Operator, with sweet potato, cucumber, strawberry, pineapple, sea buckthorn and delicious almond cream is oustanding), making this an ideal lunch spot for locals working at one of the many start-ups close by or tourists simply in need of a rejuvenating break from sightseeing. Daluma’s team displays a real dedication to the craft—two years in the making, the venue’s every detail has been scrutinized, from the elegantly and minimally designed interior to the bio-degradable straws used for the smoothies. It’s all in the details. Something we can all fully appreciate.

Daluma images courtesy of Ailine Liefeld, wild.kräuter image courtesy of Ewelina Bubanja, LA Cold Press image courtesy of Nicola Bramigk