Earthy goodness packed into delicious veggie-based drinks

by Andrea DiCenzo


The days of V8 dominating the vegetable juice arena with their tomato-based blends are over. Vegesentials—a new UK-based line of drinks—will have you thirsting for beets before you know it with their deliciously balanced concoctions like Carrot, Orange & Parsnip or Beetroot, Kiwi & Carrot.

After sampling Vegesentials at a Whole Foods in London’s Stoke-Newington neighborhood, we decided we needed to try all of the flavors from this new family-run upstart. While some might be turned off by beetroot as a main ingredient, its natural sweetness really compliments the other vegetables in the mix. The bright red hue even looks invigorating, like the color of a really healthy fruit smoothie.

vegesentials2.jpg vegesentials3.jpg

Perhaps the best part of Vegesentials juices is the earthy after bite, which reminds you of the goodness you’re ingesting. We appreciate the fact they aren’t trying to cover up the taste of the veggies with zesty (and sugary) fruit flavors—instead, it’s clear they have worked hard to achieve a beautiful blend of complimentary flavors that allow each aspect to shine while serving as one wholly palatable drink.


The amount of vegetables packed in—which is at least 50% per drink—is almost unbelievable in comparison to the taste. And the energy burst you feel after consuming one of the freshly pasteurized, 150ml PET plastic bottles is on par with swallowing a handful of vitamins or downing a cup of coffee.

Currently Vegesentials sell from Whole Foods around the UK, and will be at The BBC Good Food Show 9-11 November 2012.

Images by Andrea DiCenzo