Wine Simplified

Making the world of wines digestible


From Open Air Publishing—the group behind the swine-focused “Better Bacon Book“—comes “Wine Simplified,” an iOS-based user’s guide to wine. The multimedia book includes 13 chapters with information from reading labels to the role of climate in viticulture. The book is written by sommelier and wine educator Marnie Old alongside wine and spirit authority Anthony Giglio, who also spearhead the 90 minutes of video segments.


The guide is rife with practical advice for ordering and buying, aimed at bringing amateur oenophiles up to speed. Among the more useful aspects are the streamlined infographics and pronunciation guides that take much of the guess work out of the process. Guided tastings are clutch for bringing the interactive educational environment into the home, and pairing guides walk readers through the difficult task of matching meals to wines.


Ideal for anyone who wants to master grape varietals, “Wine Simplified” is an approachable and navigable guide with ample opportunities to delve into more detail. Focused on buyers and drinkers, the book limits itself to relevant information in the form of expert essays.

“Wine Simplified” is available starting today from the iTunes app store for $10. For those who prefer spirits to wine, we recommend checking out Open Air’s recently released “Speakeasy Cocktails: Learn from the Modern Mixologists” with PDT‘s own Jim Meehan.