“I Have a Dream,” 50 Years Later

From Nelson Mandela to Google Glass, David Bowie to Yayoi Kusama—a look at this year's top headlines

Undoubtedly the man who made album covers a veritable artistic force, Storm Thorgerson sadly passed away 18 April 2013 at just 69 years old after a battle with cancer. Sweet, introspective and energetic, Thorgerson left an indelible impression on the entire world through his “contrary” album covers, for which he created over 300 works for bands like Ween, Biffy Clyro, Led Zepplin, Phish and most famously, Pink Floyd. In our interview he told us, “The thing that I do, it’s a performance in some strange place that nobody can get to. So if I didn’t take a picture of it, you would never see it and the band would never see it. And if the band never saw it they may wonder where their cover is, you see. So I have to take the picture.” And we’re so very glad he did.