Listen Up

House music for those missing the sweaty dance floor, psych-tinged lounge, industrial electro-pop and more new music

Solomun: Home

From Hamburg-based DJ and producer Solomun (aka Mladen Solomun), sweeping house track “Home” exists as an ode to the “sacred rooms” that were built for music. For those yearning for a sweaty, dark dance floor, this nostalgic and atmospheric banger offers some satisfaction—albeit in your own home. “The desire for it has never been greater. The desire to feel it, experience it, hear it, to share it with people. ‘HOME’ reminds us of these moments. Of the things we miss,” Solomun says in a statement. The song will appear on his upcoming album, which is due next year.

Nilüfer Yanya: Crash

English singer-songwriter and musician Nilüfer Yanya announces her upcoming EP Feeling Lucky? with the anxiety-ridden “Crash,” which she wrote with Nick Hakim. Featuring gnarling electric guitar and thumping bass, the song shape-shifts over the course of four minutes. As Yanya explains, “My favorite thing about it is how there’s the twist at the end where the vibe changes and it’s almost like a version two.” The artist appears as a flight attendant in the video, which was apparently inspired by her own aerophobia.

Benny Sings feat. Mac DeMarco: Rolled Up

Benny Sings and Mac DeMarco’s duet “Rolled Up” rides along a piano-led instrumental. The two vocalists begin the track by wondering “why my life turned south.” Strings fall into place with falsetto provided by Benny Sings (aka Tim van Berkestijn) and the duo soon trades optimistic verses. “Finally see the sun through all of those clouds / holed up, locked out, shut in, held down,” Demarco sings. “Don’t be afraid to leave it all behind / tomorrow is a new day,” Berkestijn returns. With a choreographed dance to match, the track fades, along with daydreamy ad-libs.

Haich Ber Na: 0594 Help

Industrial and avant-garde, Haich Ber Na’s new single “0594 Help” dissects the emotions that come with separation. It’s about “someone leaving and desperately wanting to be with them, but trying to understand ‘it’s not the end of the world’—like the sample I use says,” Haich Ber Na (aka Harrison Bernard) explains. In the accompanying visual treatment, filmed inside a box backed by six flashing LEDs, Bernard performs the dynamic tune on a rotating stage.

Joe Wong: Nite Creatures

LA-based composer, multi-instrumentalist and singer Joe Wong releases “Nite Creatures” along with a Fred Armisen-directed music video, which both eschew simple classification for a psychedelic-lounge blend with a dollop of humor bubbling beneath the surface. From the lyrics—which include “Relax your mind / the night creatures wander past you”—to the ’70s-style production and kaleidoscopic visuals, it’s a wild ride on waves of talent.

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