Listen Up

A pared-back piano ballad, a jazzy upbeat bop, indie-rock, soul and more new music

Kehlani: little story

The second single from Kehlani’s forthcoming third studio album, blue water road, “little story” premieres with a beautiful black and white music video. Kehlani and Alexandra Thurmond co-directed the visuals, which intercut intimate close-ups with scenes of the outdoors, a surrealist violin sequence and a tender conclusion that features the singer’s two-year-old daughter.

Quiet Dawn feat. Oliver Night: Change Must Come

Parisian multi-instrumentalist and producer Quiet Dawn (aka Will Galland) taps London-based DJ, producer and singer Oliver Night for his laidback, soulful vocals on the jazzy “Change Must Come.” The vibrant song—replete with a funk-inflected groove and upbeat energy—appears on Galland’s just-released six-track EP, Movements, out on First Word Records.

Grace Ives: Loose

Grace Ives has released her first new music since 2019’s DIY-pop album 2nd. Co-produced with Justin Raisen, “Loose” sounds like Ives, but slightly evolved and more complex than her previous offerings. The Brooklyn-based artist was “living in a bed-bug-infested apartment, withdrawing from SSRIs, not sleeping,” when she wrote the vibrant song, adding that “There’s nowhere to go but up.”

Tamzene: Called You Out

Tamzene’s mournful, tender piano ballad “Called You Out” will resonate with many listeners, as it’s about the ending a friendship after realizing you have opposing values. The Scottish singer-songwriter says the lyrics were sparked after a falling out with a friend, “It was really hard but I realized I couldn’t hold space for someone who was unwilling to listen and learn… It’s about accepting the moment you no longer want to be in someone’s life, because they simply don’t see you.” With just a piano and sorrowful vocals, the pared-back song still feels powerful.

Regina Spektor: Becoming All Alone

Accompanying the announcement of Regina Spektor’s eighth album, Home, before and after, out 24 June, the lead single “Becoming All Alone” begins beautifully then blossoms into a grand, orchestral soundscape that buoys the singer’s compelling vocals. Spektor recorded the album, which she co-produced with John Congleton, in Upstate New York. She’ll soon embark on a tour to support it.

Florence + The Machine: King

“I am no mother, I am no bride, I am king,” Florence Welch, the beguiling vocalist of Florence + The Machine, belts throughout the London-based indie-rock act’s powerful new song, “King.” The highly anticipated release was accompanied by a supernatural music video with vampiric choreography by Ryan Heffington, regal costuming by Kate and Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte, and captivating direction by Autumn de Wilde.

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