Stunning new genre-bending music by Cody ChesnuTT, NZ's Ladi6, Anne Dereaux and more

Cody ChesnuTT: It’s in the Love

While Cody ChesnuTT’s 13-track record My Love Divine Degree is full of great tunes, “It’s in the Love” is particularly glorious, acting as a reminder of ChesnuTT’s knack for sweet, spirited songs. With squishy, fuzzy synths and uplifting lyrics, it’s a warbling, funky standout from the singer/songwriter/musician’s third full-length. The record, in true ChesnuTT style, spans plenty of genres from soul to rock, synth-funk to hip-hop and R&B.

Shao Jean + Leyeux: Awaken

Composer, producer and musician Shao Jean has teamed up with singer, songwriter and instrumentalist Leyeux (aka Jack Snyder) for a sublime song called “Awaken.” The gentle tune ambles along with handclaps, layered vocals and a cadence that seems to switch up constantly but without jarring. It’s a textured, rich piece of indie-folk.

Anne Dereaux: chop

Singer/songwriter Anne Dereaux has just released “chop” produced by FKi1st, a track that will appear on her upcoming EP Book Of Lolita. The song explores pain and heartbreak—and using that as motivation to hurt others. Still, it manages to be sultry. Chopped and screwed, but with honeyed vocals from Dereaux, the tune is an ideal balance of creepy and pretty.

Sigur Rós + Los Angeles Philharmonic: Live at the Walt Disney Concert Hall

With 15 tracks sprawling across an almost two-hour set, Sigur Rós’ 14 April live performance with the LA Philharmonic has finally been mixed and released. Beyond the sheer beauty of seeing and hearing their ethereal songs come to life with such orchestration, the set features new arrangements from Nico Muhly, Dan Deacon, Owen Pallet and composer David Lang.

Ladi6: Royal Blue

The title-track from Ladi6’s six-track EP, “Royal Blue” is a sparkly tune that blends pop, psychedelic and dancehall in a way that not only works, but allures with its silkiness. Ladi6 (made up of frontwoman Ladi aka Karoline Tamati, Parks aka Brent Park and Julien Dyne) apparently worked on the songs at shows around New Zealand before heading to the studio.

Jordan Rakei: Sorceress

With a delicate but expansive beauty, “Sorceress” blankets the eardrums with soul. The new single from NZ-born, London-based singer/producer/songwriter Jordan Rakei showcases a bewitching musicality and charmed lyricism. It’s expected to appear on Rakei’s forthcoming album, his first for UK label Ninja Tune.

Michael Nau: How You’re So For Real

With languid, gentle soul filtering through summertime folk, “How You’re So For Real” marks a return for singer/songwriter Michael Nau. The track glows much like a sunny day from a memory, recalled through Nau’s light crooning. It will appear on Nau’s new album Some Twist, releasing 16 June, on Suicide Squeeze.

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