Thom Yorke: Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes

New energy found among household names like Melvins, Aphex Twin, Thom Yorke and more in the music we tweeted this week

Thom Yorke has long been disenchanted by the greedy antics of the modern music industry, so it comes as no surprise that he’s distributing his new eight-track album, Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes, via the internet through a new version of BitTorrent. Yorke explains in a press release, they are “bypassing the self-elected gatekeepers” because the torrent is “a self-contained embeddable shop front. The network not only carries the traffic, it also hosts the file. The file is in the network.” Logistics aside, the music is very characteristic of his beloved style, and fans will certainly adore the album and the fact they can easily download it for a mere $6.