3×1’s Common Thread Docuseries Traces the History of Denim

Hosted by founder Scott Morrison, the first episode is set in Italy and available now

Made in collaboration with Convicts Media, NYC-based denim producer 3×1‘s docu-series “Common Thread” dives into the history of one of the most democratic textiles ever developed: denim. With 3×1 founder Scott Morrison as host, the first episode takes viewers to Italy to meet Renzo Rosso of Diesel, as well as producer Canidiani and finishing company Tonello. The country is not only renowned for its generational emphasis on craftsmanship, but it’s also considered the birthplace of high-end denim.

“The goal of this series is not to tell an entirely 3×1 story. The goal is to tell a holistic 360-degree story focused on the changes the industry is facing at every level—from development to production and manufacturing to retail,” Morrison explains in the release. “This story is relevant to everyone, from industry insiders to consumers, it offers a peek behind the curtain and a chance to understand a bit of the history and what goes into creating the one item we all have in our closets.”

Future episodes will explore denim at home in the US and also through Morrison’s travels in Japan. The series is especially poignant in 2019 as sustainability sweeps the industry and some longtime US denim manufacturers shutter.

“This project was inspired by my passion for denim, but also as a reflection on today’s world and the changes taking place around us,” Morrison continues. “It was an opportunity to reconnect with some of my favorite people in the industry, to share the stories of our successes and our struggles, and ultimately begin to share our ideas surrounding what it will take to not only survive but thrive.”

Hero image courtesy of 3×1