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Leisure Wear by Lovers Court

Unisex caps, scarves and tees from the new Melbourne-based label


Melbourne, Australia-based Lovers Court launches their label with a debut leisure wear collection that doesn’t discriminate between genders. Eschewing traditional fashion seasons for a more open-minded approach, Lovers Court was founded by Talia Claire, who always knew that she wanted to be her own boss. “I used to have a pretend girly surfer label when I was in primary school, which then progressed to making and selling clothes at markets and teaching myself to screen print out in the shed at home,” she tells CH. “I was a bit of tomboy when I was young and was heavily in to basketball, BMX and skating so streetwear was a natural progression.”

LoverCourt-Melbourne-01a.jpg LoverCourt-Melbourne-01b.jpg

Claire is serious about having full creative control, the RMIT grad does all the graphic design, textile design, clothing design (“plus everything else”)—and only outsources the garment pattern-making and manufacturing. The fabrics are digitally printed in China while screen-printing is both done locally in Melbourne as well as in New Zealand.

“My aim for Lovers Court right now is to keep it as something I enjoy,” she continues. “I don’t want to succumb to the pressure of a full range every season just yet. I want to have fun with it and not compromise creatively. The tagline for the brand is ‘Leisure Wear’ and that’s what it’s all about—non-pretentious streetwear that is comfortable, chilled out and representative of an international lifestyle of leisure.” The sleek monochromatic caps, scarves and tees, inspired by iconic typography and early computer graphics, help make a statement with little effort.

Peruse and shop the collection online at Lovers Court.

Images courtesy of Lovers Court


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