Levi’s® Product Icons

The Western, The Trucker and 501® jeans create a look that's iconic, classic and timeless

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Levi’s® impact is indelible and the identity they’ve developed represent a universal timelessness. The world-famous brand’s three icons—the Western, the Trucker and the 501® jeans—remain fixtures; applicable to any style, every year and every season. Never has one brand been so frequently refreshed across wardrobes. The iconic role that Levi’s® has developed in the world of apparel over the last 140 years begets a fashion fixture that meets almost every wardrobe requirement. Whether you’re the frontman of a band, a world traveler, or just like the ease of an established look, your style and attire standards will be more than reliably met with Levi’s® 2013 line. Once again, fashion and function pair perfectly—as is expected from a line that’s stayed on top for over a century. They’re the definition of classic.

Three selections comprise the iconic series, one being the Barstow Western, which comes in a few different colorways. (At CH HQ, we love the light denim.) It’s a slim-fitting but loose fixture in dress-down apparel market; a great fit for just about any occasion and its classic, all-American appeal settles into any city around the globe.

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The denim industry’s best known staple, the Levi’s® 501®s are a natural choice. The straight-legged style works for everyday use, and there is a rock edge to these historic jeans—but of equal importance is their comfortability. For something so historic, 501®s still feel modern—perhaps because the cut keeps things clean, meaning they can be teamed with any other article of clothing. There’s a sense of limitlessness to 501®s: They’ve always been around and they always will be.

The Trucker jacket completes the CH chosen ensemble. This jacket appears in various denim iterations, but we really dig the Commuter Hooded Trucker Jacket in Forest Night green—it’s easy, laid-back and also timeless. Once again, akin to other long-lasting Levi’s® products, the Trucker works in any environment—and it has for years. All three pieces are as durable as they are likable, and together they make for an outfit that can be worn by anybody—iconic, classic and totally timeless.

All items are available at their online store.

Images courtesy of Levi’s®